Alitu is an automated solution.

Alitu does NOT automatically do complex editing like removing silences, ums and ahs, or mistakes.

But, our software does SOME types of editing for you automatically, and we offer a tool for you to easily do the OTHER types of edits yourself.

The editing we do automatically is joining all the files together, and adding your music. So, if you upload 3 recordings (for example, a spoken intro, an interview, and a listener recording) we’ll edit them all together for you, and put your theme music on the start and end.

The editing you’ll do yourself with Alitu’s editing tool is removing editing mistakes, coughs, silences, etc. Our custom podcast editor tool makes it super-easy to do this, right inside Alitu. Using that, you can highlight parts you want to remove in your recording and we’ll remove them for you.

Please reach out using the 'chat with us' or 'send us an email' boxes at the bottom of this page if you have any questions about using Alitu. We're happy to help!
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