Once your episode is complete, you can publish the episode directly to your Captivate.fm account. You can decide whether or not you want your episode published as a draft or as a live episode.

Note: You need to have created your podcast/show in your Captivate dashboard in order to publish your episodes there.

Integrate your Alitu Account with your Captivate.fm Account

On the 'Publish your Episode' screen, click 'Setup Hosting':

Click 'Link to Captivate':

On the next screen you will need to add your Captivate User ID and your Captivate API Token. You can find both of these keys in your 'My Account' settings in your Captivate account:

Scroll down on your Captivate 'My Account' page until you see the API Key section and click 'Reveal API key':

Once you click 'Reveal API key' you will see both your Captivate User ID and API key which you should then copy and paste into your Alitu settings:

Once you've pasted your Captivate credentials into the Alitu settings, be sure to click 'Login' to complete your integration.

Publish your episode directly to Captivate

On your 'Publish Your Episode' screen you can now click 'Publish to Captivate':

Select your show on Captivate and decide whether you want to 'Upload and save as a draft' or 'Upload and publish' your episode. Then click 'Publish:

That's it. Your episode will be uploaded directly to your Captivate dashboard.

Please reach out using the 'chat with us' or 'send us an email' boxes at the bottom of this page if you have any questions about using Alitu. We're happy to help!
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