If you've recorded an interview as a split-track recording - ie. you in one file, and your interviewee in another - then you can combine them together using our upload link tool. Here's how.

Before you begin, this only works if both recordings are exactly the same length - for example the output you get from online recording tools like Ringr, Zencastr or a Skype recording app. To learn more about these tools, read this article - Best tools for recording a podcast online.

To start, upload both sides of the interview as normal. Either drag them into the upload screen, or click the upload box to select them from your computer.

Upload the two tracks like so

Next, click the 'link' icon next to the first side of the conversation, as shown.

Click link next to the 1st side of the track

Next, click the 'link' icon next to the second side of the conversation, as shown:

You'll see a line appear, showing which two recordings are being linked. They'll be combined together to play together as one track in the final episode.
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