Zoom.us is a great tool for recording a call with anyone on the web.

It’s advantage is that it’s super simple – your guest doesn’t need an account, or software. All they need is a link, which you can send to them. On clicking that link, they’re popped into a chat room with you, all inside their browser.

Zoom is free to use for 2-way conversations, so there’s no cost to run simple interviews, or co-hosted podcasts.

You’ll pay for extra features, though, such as unlimited length calls with 3 or more people. But, the majority of podcasts will do just fine with the free version.

To use the recording tool, simply click the record button on the toolbar at the bottom of the Zoom window. Then click ‘Record on this Computer’. That starts recording.

Once you’re finished, click the stop button in the same location. Then, once you click ‘End Meeting’ Zoom will start to save the recording.

Zoom saves both a video and an audio file, so you can use the Audio file for editing right away, and use the video file for ‘highlights’ to post to YouTube.
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