If you want to record more than one person, such as an interview or a co-hosted episode, then you have a number of options. I’ll list two very common options here, but you can certainly research more options if you're interested.

Zoom.us Call

Zoom is a freemium service which allows you to record 2-person podcasts and is very easy to use. You simply create a Zoom call in your account and then send the link for that call to your interviewee. They click the link and can join your call by download a free app to their phone or by using their browser.

One possible issue with using an online recording tool is that you will rely on your internet connection, so the quality can get glitchy, depending on where you are.

Sign up for Zoom.us here, and you can see how to use it in the next lesson.

Double-Ender Services

This option includes tools that record full-quality audio on both you and your co-host’s computer. The service stores both recordings, then stitches them together for you at the end, so you get great audio quality, no matter what your internet quality is like.

The downside is that these are paid tools.

If you want to go this route, Squadcast is a good option.
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