You can access your settings by hovering over the gear icon in the left navigation of your dashboard:

Here's what you'll see:

Let's take a look at each one in turn, and see what they do. 

Setting: "Show me the welcome screen"

Turning the welcome screen on gives you an opportunity to walk through the onboarding steps again. This will give you the full tour of the app and allow you to set up theme music, hosting and more. 

Setting: Show Help Screens

Turning on the help screens re-enables context-sensitive tutorial links at the bottom of your pages while in-app, like this:

You can minimise these by clicking the 'x' on the right of the title, so this setting brings them back.

Setting: Preferred Bitrate

The bitrate refers to the quality of the audio for your podcast episodes. Basically, the higher the bitrate, the higher quality your audio will be, but, also, the longer it takes to stream and download the episode. If you want to strike a balance, 96kbps is generally a good setting for the average podcast. Click here for a full article on What Bitrate Means.

Setting: Preferred Waveform

The waveform setting lets you change how the audio wave appears while editing in the episode builder. You can read more about this in our dedicated article on the editing waveform.

Please reach out using the 'chat with us' or 'send us an email' boxes at the bottom of this page if you have any questions about using Alitu. We're happy to help!
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