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How to Create a Voiced Podcast Theme Tune in Just a Few Minutes
How to Create a Voiced Podcast Theme Tune in Just a Few Minutes
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Here's how to create a voiced podcast theme tune in just a few minutes:

1. Choose ‘Clip Genie’ from the side panel.

2. Click ‘Choose voice’ to upload or record your voice clip

3. Choose to 1. grab a file from your Alitu Library 2. record your voice clip, or 3. upload a voice clip from your computer. Drag and drop option is also available.

You can follow the same steps for adding the music clip. If you don’t have a music clip yet, we have over 40 free music categories in the Free Music Library.

4. You can edit the files within the Clip Genie and save the edited clip directly to your Library.

5. Using the Intro / Outro lengths, you can set the start and end time (in seconds) of your voice clip with the background music.

6. Name and preview your clip

7. When you’re satisfied with your theme music, click the ‘Save to library’ button and use the clip to any episode. You can also set it as your default intro/outro in your Settings section.

Please let us know if you have any questions via the chat box at the bottom of this page.

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