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Does Alitu record video?
Does Alitu record video?
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Does Alitu record video with the new call recorder?

At this time, Alitu is focused on helping you record the highest quality audio.

We're always interested in knowing the new features our users are interested in, so if you'd like to see video on Alitu, please add your vote here:

How do you want to use video for your podcast?

Are you hoping to have video so you can see your guest or are you planning a video podcast?

Is Video Right For You?

If you're thinking about creating a video podcast, here are some quick questions to ask yourself to decide if video is right for you:

  1. Are you hoping to attract a new audience on YouTube and send them to your audio podcast to subscribe? This can be a good way of getting new eyeballs on your content. The best way to use this is to create a video of portions of your podcast, not the entire episode. Then you can invite people to look for you on their favorite podcast app to stay in the loop or get on your email list to get updates.

  2. How much work do you want your subscribers to do to find your new episodes? The podcast apps offer the ability to subscribe so that new episodes are pushed to your subscribers automatically when they are published. YouTube visitors must navigate to your channel to get new content. It may be simpler for them to keep consuming your episodes from the podcast player.

  3. Does your audience listen while they are doing other things? Like driving or doing housework? It could be a lot more difficult to do this if your podcast is only available in video form. If seeing the host is important, they will need to focus on their viewing device. However, if your podcast lends itself to quick visual content, video could be the way to go.

  4. Is tracking your download numbers and having additional data like how your audience listens, or where they are listening from, important for you? You will not get this data from YouTube. But podcast hosts are built to offer these kind of analytics so you can see how your show is growing.

If you'd like more information on creating a video podcast, check out our guide,

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