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How many podcasts can I edit in my Alitu account?
How many podcasts can I edit in my Alitu account?
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Alitu empowers podcasters to focus on creating great content instead of getting bogged down with the technical aspects of their podcasts.

We offer a simple and transparent pricing system as part of this. Alitu doesn't charge extra costs when it is used reasonably and normally. We do need to make sure that our services work fairly for everyone with the best possible user experience, which means quality service to every member in a fair distribution method.

How many podcasts can you edit in your Alitu account?

Alitu is designed to edit one podcast per account. However, if you have 2 podcasts and want to edit both with Alitu, you can do that. Once you've finished editing an episode for the 2nd podcast, you'll simply need to download the completed file from Alitu and then upload it directly to your podcast host. 😁

Please remember, though, we have a fair use policy for audio processing and call recording to make sure that Alitu's server processing power is fairly distributed.

Daily and weekly shows, would be expected to upload up to 10 hours per month on average. If you use Alitu for multiple podcasts keep this upper limit in mind so that your account doesn't exceed the fair use policy.

If you regularly go above this limit, we'll get in touch to discuss options. This may involve an extra cost for your service with Alitu.

The Advantage of Having 1 account per Podcast

If you have multiple podcasts, it might be better to create an account for each one. Yes, this is higher cost, but you get the following advantages:

  • You can set your intro and outro music defaults for the one show, and they'll be added automatically to every episode. This saves time over adding them separately every time, depending on which show you're producing.

  • You can link up your Podcast hosting provider with the right show, and publish really easily.

  • You can keep your episodes and recordings nicely organized in separate spaces (separate accounts).

Hope that helps!

Please let us know if you have any questions in chat (button below).

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