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How to edit music in Alitu
How to edit music in Alitu
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Most podcasters want to use music in their podcasts, as intro and outro music, as well as adding musical transitions between segments. There are 2 ways to edit your music with Alitu.

  • In the episode builder

  • In the Clip Genie

Note: If you want to created an edited version of your music that you can use over and over again, you should use the Clip Genie to make your changes. This creates an edited version of the music file in your library.

Editing Music in the Episode Builder

1. Click 'Edit' on any music clip to access this feature:

2. Highlight the section you want to cut by dragging using your mouse or trackpad. Click ‘Cut’ button to edit out the highlighted part. You can always cancel the edits by clicking the ‘Deselect’ button. Your original file will not be altered. Use the ‘Preview’ button to playback the edited section.

3. Click ‘Done’ when you've finished editing.

That's it, you have now edited the music inside the episode builder. You can now set up any fades and continue editing your episode as normal.

Editing Music in the Clip Genie

1. Click 'Choose music' inside the music editor:

2. Click 'Add' next to the music file you want to use.

3. Click the pencil icon to edit the clip

4. Be sure to click save after you've made your edits. Once you save, edits are irreversible but the original file will be kept in the Library.

5. Click the disc icon if you want to save a copy of the edited file directly in your Library.

If you have any questions, let us know through the chat button in the lower right corner of this page. Our support team will be happy to help.

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