Your podcast details are added to your RSS feed and the RSS feed sends this data to podcast directories.

What is an RSS feed?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. Syndication means the transfer of content from one organization to another.

RSS is a web feed that transfers content from the media host (where the file is stored) to an app or a directory where people can consume it.

In your Podcast Details, you can setup up the following:

  • Podcast Name. The name of your podcast. You can tweak or change it at any time.

  • Podcast Description. A description of your podcast. This will appear in directories. It allows HTML and apps that support HMTL will display the data accordingly.

  • Podcast Artwork. This will be displayed on the directories. Required specifications are; not over 512 KB, square, PNG or JPG, minimum of 1400px x 1400px, and maximum of 3000px x 3000px.

  • Categories. These are the categories that your podcast will appear using the podcast apps. Apple is becoming increasingly strict on the way their store appears to users. So if your show is listed in a category that's completely irrelevant to its content, you run the risk of being removed from the entire directory.

  • Podcast Language. The language of your podcast. This is helpful in search results for your target audience.

  • Podcast Creator’s Name. The name under which you’d like to publish your podcast. This will appear as public.

  • Podcast Creator’s Email. Email that your listeners can use to get in touch with you about the show. This will appear as public.

  • Stats URL prefix. This is useful if you’re using external tracking services such as Chartable, Podcorn, etc.

  • Podcast Type. The latest episodes will appear first on the podcast apps for Episodic type whilst Serial podcasts will have the oldest episodes sorting first.

  • Podcast Time Zone. The time zone in which your episodes will be published.

  • Podcast Episode Feed Limit. You can set how many episodes will appear in your RSS feed and podcast apps.

  • Podcast Content Rating. Check this if your podcast contains swear words and other explicit content.

  • Lock feed from Transfer. This option protects your podcast from piracy.

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact support using the chat box below.

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