Here's how to create new episodes in Alitu and manage the ones you've already created.

To create an episode, simply click the ‘Add an Episode’ button at the top of the screen. For full details, watch this video.

Add an Episode

To start, click the 'Add an Episode' button at the top of the Episode listing. (You can also create a new episode by clicking the "+" icon in the sidebar):

Add your Episode Details

On the next screen add your Episode details. Be sure you only use a number for the episode number, no text. When done, click 'Save Details':

Add your Audio Files

There are 3 ways to add files to your episode on this screen:

A. Drag and drop your audio files from wherever you have them stored
B. Click the picture to select your files from wherever you have them stored
C. Click Add Recording if you want to record a new audio clip or select a file that's in your library

When you've added all your audio files, click 'Upload':

You're Ready to Edit

Once your files have been uploaded, you will land on the Episode Builder to begin editing your episode.

Click here to watch a video overview of how to edit your files in Alitu.

Please reach out using the 'chat with us' box at the bottom of this page if you have any questions about using Alitu. We're happy to help!

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