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How to Upload Your Recordings
How to Upload Your Recordings

Learn how to upload your raw recordings to Alitu

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Uploading from your episode creation process

If you are on a free trial you are limited to 2 hours of audio upload and or recording. After the free trial has ended and you are on a paid subscription, you will be able to upload and record with no limit.

  1. Create your new podcast episode then on the Upload Page Screen, use the drag and drop option or 'Click to upload' button to grab the files from your computer. You can also record within the Upload Page screen using the 'Record Something' button. Use the 'Add from Library' button to pull files from your Alitu Library.

  2. Click Upload:

  3. Your files will be processed and appear in the Episode Builder ready for you to begin editing:

Upload new audio files directly into your Alitu Library

  1. Click My Library and then Add to Library:

  2. Either drag and drop your files or click to add them:

  3. Click 'Add to library'

Your files will be processed and saved in your library. You can then add them to any episode you like.

Please let us know if you have any questions about using this or any other feature. Just click the chat button at the bottom of the page to reach the team.

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