How to Create a Video
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The Create Video feature creates a video version of your podcast episode. This creates a video with a still image that includes a dynamic soundwave on top of the image that follows the audio.

The resulting file is something that you can share to YouTube or other video sites to repurpose your show or promote your show on social media.

  1. On the publish page, click 'Create video':

  2. Alitu then goes to work creating a video version of your episode:

    Please remain on this screen while your video is being created. If you must navigate away, please wait 30-60 minutes before checking to see if your video is finished. If you return before 30 minutes has passed and click 'Create video' again, you will create a new video and will need to wait another 30 minutes.

  3. Once the video is created, you can return to your publish screen to download the video:

That's it! The video file can be shared anywhere you choose.

Heads up! If you want to playback the audio on your computer, we recommend using a VLC player. QuickTime Player does not like mp3 audio streams in an mp4 container so there's no audio when you listen using the tool. You can download the VLC player using this link

Please reach out using the chat box at the bottom of this page if you have any questions about using Alitu. We're happy to help!

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