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How to use the Clip Genie
How to use the Clip Genie

Clip Genie allows you to add background music to an audio clip. This is the simplest way to create voiceover clips to use in your episodes.

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Clip Genie allows you to add background music to an audio clip. This can be used for creating a custom intro/outro, promo/sponsor slots, teasers, etc.

To get started you just need to have a music clip and a voiceover audio file. Alitu handles the trimming, overlaying, and fading of the music in and out. The Clip Genie is available with all Alitu accounts.

​Using Clip Genie

To start, click on the 'Clip Genie' icon in your dashboard:

You will see 2 buttons to add your voice clip and your music clip

You can either upload your own voice audio and music clips from your computer, record new audio directly in Alitu, or select an audio file from your Alitu library.

Remember you can also select music from our free music library which is accessible via the "My Library" tab shown below.​

Once you have selected your voice clip and music clip, you will see an editor screen that you can use to fine-tune your clip:

Clip Genie Modal
  1. The Intro length is the amount of background music you will hear before the audio clip starts playing. Use the +/- button to adjust.

  2. The Outro length is the amount of music you will hear at the end of your voice audio clip. Use the +/- button to adjust.

  3. Make edits to the music and or voice file (see section below)

  4. Adjust the volume of your background music if it is too loud or quiet.

  5. Once you have made your selections you can Preview the music clip or Save it to your library. Name your file when prompted so you can easily locate it in your library. If you preview the clip and don't like any of the settings, you can change them before saving the file to the library.

Now you have a new audio clip layered with background music that you can use over and over again in your podcast episodes.

Editing Files in the Clip Genie

⚠️ Editing music files can result in them sounding odd, stuttery, and out of sync.

You can click the pencil icon on either the voice or music clip to make edits to the length of those files.

Be sure to click save after you've made your edits. Once you save, edits are irreversible but the original file will be kept in your Library in case you want to use it again for another voiceover file.

Click the disc icon if you want to save a copy of the edited file directly to your Library.

What else can you use the Clip Genie for?

  1. An ad or sponsor slot with musical background: You could easily add background music to host-read promotional pieces or create paid ad spots for your podcast.

  2. A Transition clip between your main recordings: Make the transition between your main recordings smoother with a custom transition clip.

  3. An intro/jingle for a regular segment that you re-use every week: Create intros for regularly occurring segments and add them to as many episodes as you want.

What else are you going to use the Clip Genie for? Let us know through the chat button in the lower right corner of this page and let us know. Our support team will be happy to help.

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