When using an online recorder, the speed and strength of your internet connection is super important. Here are some quick hints about your network connection.

Network Connectivity

The strength & quality of you and your guest's internet connections matters most to keep you connected during your recording session. If anyone is disconnected from the session more than once we recommend:

  1. Keeping Alitu as the focused tab in your browser because background tab connectivity can be slowed down

  2. Reconnecting from an Incognito tab, as a quick way to disable browser extensions, because they can throttle connectivity

  3. Restarting the computer & resetting the WiFi router to stabilize your connection

  4. Asking other people on your wifi network to disconnect prioritizes your connection

  5. Plugging into your internet modem/router directly instead of via WiFi reduces latency & can help to stabilize your connection

  6. Running a network speed test & connectivity test will help shed light on your network status

  7. Contacting your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is helpful to inspect your network status

Connection Speed

We strongly recommend 5 Mbps upload & download speeds or higher for the best recording experience.

You can check your internet speed here:


Please let us know via chat if you have any other questions, we're happy to help.

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