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Does Alitu Have an Affiliate Program?
Does Alitu Have an Affiliate Program?
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Yes! We're so happy that our users love Alitu and want to share it with others. And we'd like to partner with you by offering recurring commissions for sharing Alitu with your podcasting friends.

You can get the complete details and sign up for the program on our Affiliate Page here:

The quick summary is that you can earn:

20% recurring commission on every Alitu member you refer to us πŸ™Œ

Since Alitu is $38/month, you will earn $7.60 every month that referral has an active subscription.

If you refer just 20 members, then you'll earn $152 every single month! Not bad, huh?

This 20% is applicable to the hosting tiers as well.

The affiliate payments are usually sent the 1st week of the month and the payment is released 45 days after the final qualifying payment. So, if you've just gone over the $50 threshold, it will likely be about 2 months before you see your first payment.

Please reach out using the chat box at the bottom of this page if you have any questions about using Alitu. We're happy to help!

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