If you transferred your show from one host to another or something’s changed with your RSS feed, 301 redirect usually takes care of that. Most directories support redirects but there are some that might require manual updating.

Updating an RSS feed on Apple Podcasts

  1. Login to your Apple Podcasts Connect

  2. Select Podcasts.

  3. Select the podcast you want to update.

  4. Select Edit next to the RSS feed URL.

  5. Enter the new RSS feed URL and click Save.

Allow up to 24 hours for the podcast to be updated to the new RSS feed URL.

Updating an RSS feed on Spotify

  1. Login to Spotify for Podcasters and click the podcast you want to update

  2. Choose the Details tab.

  3. Click the Update button.

  4. Enter your new RSS feed in the ‘Link to RSS feed’ section

  5. Confirm your hosting provider and then hit SUBMIT.

Updating an RSS feed on TuneIn

You need to reach out to their support by submitting the form here.

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