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How do I reactivate my subscription?
How do I reactivate my subscription?
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We understand that you may need to take a break. Alitu will keep your files for 3 months and you can easily reactivate your subscription when you’re ready.

If you've been gone for over 3 months, your files will be deleted and you will need to sign up for a new account.

Reactivating your Alitu Subscription

1. Login to your Alitu account

2. Click 'Buy Subscription'

3. Enter your billing details

4. Click ‘Renew my account’

Renewing your Alitu Hosting

1. Go to My Account and click 'Renew my hosting' plan then 'Renew'.

2. Choose a hosting plan and the click 'Update hosting plan'.

Note: Please make sure you have an active Alitu subscription.

All set!

Please reach out using the chat box at the bottom of this page if you’re having trouble renewing. We're happy to help!

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