It’s important to have a web presence for your podcast, especially for listeners who prefer to listen via the website. A podcast website adds to your online visibility, helps with SEO, and gives your podcast a home on the internet that you own and can control. Alitu creates a simple website for your podcast which includes all the important info about your podcast including:

  • Podcast Name

  • Podcast Artwork

  • Podcast Description

  • Podcast Episodes

  • Directory links

  • Social links

  • Website link

Here's how to set up your podcast website here at Alitu:

Navigate to Settings >> 'Podcast Website' settings, then follow the steps below:

  1. Turn on the website feature by checking the box in front of 'Show my Alitu podcast website

  2. Then enter a subdomain for your show. This subdomain will be followed by so it will look something like this, where your actual subdomain will show in place of the word, subdomain.

  3. It will take about 24 hours for your subdomain to become active, so please don't make any changes to this subdomain once you have set it or you will reset the clock.

  4. Then, add your Copyright text which is usually your name or the name of your company, and click, 'Save settings'.

  5. If your podcast is new and you don't have links to your Apple, Google, and Spotify pages yet, skip these for now.

  6. You can continue filling in the social media links, as well as a link to your personal website if you like, and then click 'Save settings'.

Here is an example of what your podcast website will look like:

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us by clicking the chat icon in the lower right corner of this page.

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