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How to Use Alitu
Feeling Stuck? Come to Alitu Office Hours!
Feeling Stuck? Come to Alitu Office Hours!

Details on how you can find and book yourself a spot at our twice-weekly office hours live sessions.

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Podcasting can feel overwhelming sometimes because there's so much to learn and do. Alitu can do a lot of the heavy lifting and save you time and money. If you ever get stuck using the software, our Success Team wants to help.

We offer Live Support during Office Hours

We offer live support calls on most Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11:00 am EST/4pm BST. There is no cost for these sessions, just book a time that works for you and we'll meet you in our virtual space. It's kind of live phone support except we can share screens 💻.

In this session we will provide a 10 min overview of the main Alitu features and then open it up for you to ask any and all questions you have. The goal is to make you comfortable and confident using the Alitu software

When is the next Alitu Office Hours session?

Visit our Booking Page for upcoming dates and book a time that works for you. Just click on Office Hours, then the date you'd like to attend, and book yourself a spot.

How do I attend the session?

You'll get a reminder email with a direct link to the session you booked. Visit the link provided, add your name in the box and then click 'Start Meeting' to join the call:

Please let us know if there's anything else we can help you with.

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