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What's an RSS Feed, What Does it Do and Where can I find mine?
What's an RSS Feed, What Does it Do and Where can I find mine?

This article explains what an RSS feed is, what it does for your podcast and where you can find your RSS feed in Alitu.

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When you have published at least one episode you're ready to submit your RSS feed to the podcast directories like Apple Podcasts and Spotify so that your podcast can be included in their directories.

What is an RSS feed

The RSS is a web feed that transfers content from the media host (where the file is stored) to an app or a directory where listeners can consume it. With podcasts, an episode is stored on a media host (also known as a podcast hosting provider) and travels via RSS to a podcast directory (a listening app or platform).

Where can I find my RSS feed?

If you are hosting your podcast here at Alitu, you can find your RSS feed in the Distribution settings.

What does the RSS feed do?

Each time you publish a new episode, your RSS feed will be updated, so that the directories stay up-to-date with your show. You will have one RSS feed for your podcast and can submit this to any and all directories and they will then include your podcast (with all its episodes) in their directory/listening app.

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