Recording by Yourself

This article describes how and where you can record your solo audio within Alitu. Also gives guidance on allowing mic browser permissions.

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How do I Solo Record

You can solo record audio in Alitu in 3 different places to give you maximum flexibility:

  1. Inside the episode builder whilst creating your episode

2. Directly inside your "my library" also accessible from the left hand menu (good option if you want to create a quick voice clip and multi-purpose to use in your intros, promos etc)

3. By selecting "record" from the left-hand menu, this takes you into your "recording studio". This is also where you record with multiple guests remotely.

​Microphone Permissions

When recording for the first time a browser pop-up may appear to ask you to allow Alitu microphone permissions. They may look something like the below:

Be sure to press "Allow"

Starting your Recording

To record from your "my library" or inside the episode builder, you will need to:
1. Give your recording a name

2. Confirm/select the correct microphone you want to use

3. Click 'Start Recording' to begin recording

4. Remember to press "Stop recording" when you are done

5. You can then preview the recording and decide whether to Re-Record or Save the file.

If you're happy with your recording, click 'Save', if not, click 'Re-Record' to start over:

Once saved, all your recordings can be found in your "My Library".

If you are using the "Record" function in the left-hand menu then it is much the same process to record per the above - but the layout will look different. You can also use this to record with guests remotely by sharing your studio link. More info on this can be found by reading our article on the call recorder.

Simply press start recording, when done press stop the recording and leave the studio. Your recorded audio will appear in your "My Library".

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