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Wondering if you can record your episodes on Alitu as well as edit them? Yes, you can.

You can use Alitu to record solo episodes or short audio clips using the in-built recorder.

1. In your dashboard click 'Add an Episode':

2. Enter your episode details and click 'Save details':

3. Then, click ‘Record Something’ on the upload screen:

4. (1) Type into the box to give your recording a name, (2) confirm the microphone you want to use, and then (3) click 'Start' to begin recording:

Note: If you get a pop-up from your browser, be sure to click 'Allow' so that Alitu can use your microphone for the recording:

5. When you're finished recording, click 'Stop':

6. You can then preview the recording and decide whether to Re-Record, Download, or Save the file. If you're happy with your recording, click 'Save', if not, click 'Re-Record' to start over:

8. Once you click save, you will see your new recording on your upload screen and can click 'Upload' to add the audio file to your library and move to the Episode Builder screen:

If you have any questions at all, just click the chat icon in bottom of this page and we'll be happy to help!

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