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How to use the Recording Studio for Remote Interviews
How to use the Recording Studio for Remote Interviews

Learn how to use Alitu's recording studio, send guests your recording link ahead of time, start the call with your guests and other features

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Step by Step Guide

You can easily record with your guests, have it processed to sound awesome, and edit your episode right inside Alitu.

Note: Before getting started, please be sure to check the best practices when using the Recording Studio.

Get your recording link - to send to guests

  1. Grab your recoding link by clicking on the 'Record' icon in your left navigation bar. Select "Invite Other" and copy your studio link which is unique to your account. Easily send ahead of time when scheduling recordings with your guests.

Allow Microphone & Camera Permissions

  1. When you enter, your studio will likely see a pop-up asking you to give your browser access to your microphone. Please click 'Allow on every visit' to continue. Your guests on their end will also be asked to give this permission

  2. Select the mic, camera and headphones you want to use by clicking the ‘show more settings’ button.

  3. When everything’s set, enter the recording studio. Please note that your guest won’t be able to join the call without you in the studio.

  4. Here’s what the recording studio looks like when you enter initially.

Starting your Call

  1. Click the start recording button to start recording the call when you and your guests are ready. The audio WILL NOT automatically start recording now upon entering the call/studio. Remember to press record when you and your guests are ready

  2. Chat box. You can send messages or important links here. Messages won’t be saved so please make sure to copy any important messages.

  3. This is you. Your guests will appear as other small windows - similar to Zoom or Google. Check out our recording best practices to let your guests know so you have the best recording possible.

  4. Settings. You can update your mic and headphone by clicking this button.

  5. This is where you can copy your studio link if you want to share it with more guests.

  6. Video button to enable or disable video feed.

  7. Mute. You can mute and unmute your end during the call. Note: You won’t be able to mute or unmute your guest’s end.

  8. Sound indicator

Ending your Call

When you are finished recording hit "Stop Recording" to end the recording.

You can continue to chat with your guests after this.

If you are completely finished you can then leave the studio.

Your recording will be saved into your "My Library".

If you have any questions, click on the chat button in the lower right corner of this page and let us know how we can help you.

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