Here are some frequently-asked questions about the Call Recorder feature:

Q. Does the call recorder feature work on mobile devices?
A. Unfortunately we don't support mobile call recording at this time. We wanted to get our call recorder feature launched so people could begin using it to create their podcasts. We will continue to make improvements to the features over time. Right now, both parties should be on a computer to use the Alitu call recording feature.

Q. Does the call recorder record each voice separately?
A. No, all sides of the conversation will be in one track in the file in your library.

Q. Is there a particular browser we should use with the call recorder?
A. The call recorder has been optimized to work with Chrome, Firefox, and Opera for the best results.

Q. Is there a time limit on the calls you can make with the Call Recorder?
A. There is no limit on the length of the calls you can record.

Q. Can I send an invite to a call to my guests in advance?
A. Yes, visit the Call Recorder section of your dashboard and copy your unique call invite link. Then when you're ready, you can start the session and record with your guest.

Q. How many people can you have on the call at the same time?
A. You can have up to 5 guests with you, for a total of 6 people on the call at the same time.

Q. Does the link change for each call?
A. No, each account has a unique link which will work for all your recording sessions. This makes it easy if you're using a scheduling tool to share the recording link.

Q. Does the Call Recorder cost extra?
A. No, at this time the call recorder is included with all Alitu subscriptions.

Q. Where can I find the Call Recorder feature?
A. There is a call recorder icon in the left navigation bar of your dashboard:

Q. Do I need to stay on the browser page once I start my call?
A. Yes, clicking away from the recording tab will end your call recording session. So, if you click on the Library icon in the left navigation, your call will end.

Please let us know what other questions you have. And as always, we're just a chat away if you have any other questions.

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