If you have created an intro and outro that you really like and you want to save time in your workflow by using them every time.

1. Click on the gear in the left navigation to access your 'Settings'

2. Then in your Intro & Outro Music, click 'Choose your file' to set your preferred intro and/or outro. Change this file to replace the default intro/outro or ‘Remove’ to remove the default.

3. From the pop-up library, select the audio you want to use as the default and click, 'Make default'

4. You can repeat this to set the default outro.

5. From now on, every new episode you create will automatically have this intro and/or outro included for you so you just need to add the main episode audio when creating a new episode.

To create a custom Intro/Outro for your show you can use the Clip Genie

Please reach out using the chat box at the bottom of this page if you have any questions about using Alitu. We're happy to help!

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