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How to Use the Split Recording Feature
How to Use the Split Recording Feature

This is handy if you want to split a recording and add promos or music in between the sections.

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This feature comes in handy, for example, if you have a 20-minute podcast episode and you want to split it into two (2) 10-minute sections and add a promo or music in between each section.

Note: Splitting a file is irreversible, please preview the spot where you want to split the file before you confirm the change. If you make a mistake and want to start over you can do that by adding the original file from your library back into the episode builder.

1. Inside your Episode Builder, click to edit the audio file you want to split:

2. Use the zoom button, if needed, to make sure you can see the section you want to split on-screen:

3. Place the playhead at the point where you want to split the audio and click split icon

4. You can adjust the split point by changing the timing of the split before you name the resulting two clips. When you're done naming and adjusting the time, click, 'Split':

5. In a few moments you will see the file has been split at the point you chose. These newly-split files have also been placed in your Library too. You can edit each section of the audio now and can even add a promo or transition in between the two halves by clicking the plus icon:

You can split two sections of your audio at a time. If you want to split additional sections, simply edit the correct section, place the playhead where you want to split the audio and click 'Split'.

Please let us know if you have any questions or run into any issues splitting recordings. Just hit the chat box at the bottom of the page if you have any questions.

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