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Create an Episode
Using the Episode Builder
Using the Episode Builder

The episode builder allows your to create/construct your episode easily, add audio, drag and drop blocks, add fades & transition and edit

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Building your episode

The Episode Builder helps you construct simple or complex episodes. In the builder you can:

  • Add multiple files ie. voice clips, effects, music, ads, using the + icon

  • Drag and drop clips by clicking over the clip and then dragging anywhere in the timeline

  • add an episode description and id3 tags in the ‘Episode Details’ section

  • edit, rename or remove clips

Note: You can also split clips inside the Audio Editor when you click the ‘Edit’ button.

When you're done with your episode, click the 'Build my episode' button at the bottom.

If you have questions, just let us know using the chat box at the bottom. We’re here to help!

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