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Editing Your Recording in Alitu

Judy Remollo

This article will show you how you can edit your files in Alitu. We want to make the editing portion as easy and user friendly as possible.

We have condensed each editing function into a collapsable menu for ease of navigation you will also find short video clips demonstrating the action.

How do I make an edit

  • Click the edit button on the file you want to edit in episode builder

  • Select a section of the audio and then drag the red playhead bar to where the edit should end

  • Click "cut"

  • When making edits the waveform will auto zoom in and out

Editing: best practice

To avoid unnatural sounding audio/cutting or clicking sounds:

  • DO make edits where the soundwave is silent ✅

  • DONT make edits in the middle of a sound wave ⛔

  • Instead of making lots of cuts right next to each other, try making a bigger cut and see if that works with your audio.

How do I remove an edit - "de-select"

  • Yes! Navigate to the edit you want to remove, press edit

  • That edit will open up and you can then press "Deselect"

  • It will remove that cut and re-store the previous audio that was in that cut

Previewing your edited audio

  • Navigate to an edit you want to preview, press edit

  • That edit will open up and you can then select "preview"

  • This will play a few seconds of audio before the cut and after, skipping out your edited section so that you can hear what it will sound like.

  • Alternatively you can move the blue playhead bar to a spot before the edit and press the play button.

How do I split my audio file

Useful when you want to insert some form of transition between the files, such as music or an advert.

  • To split your audio file move the blue playhead bar to the appropriate place in your audio.

  • Press the split file icon

  • This will create 2 separate files in your library

  • You will be asked to confirm the timestamp and how your file should be named

  • Previous edits will remain in place.

Editor preferences explained

  • Selecting the gear icon opens up preferences you can control when editing

  • You can select your waveform preference (simple and professional)

  • Whether you want the editor to auto zoom when you are making edit cuts

  • Make the playhead bar appear centrally as standard.

  • Press save preferences when you are done.

How do I amend the playback speed

  • You can choose your preferred speed using the playback speed icon at the bottom right corner of the Audio Editor.

  • You can choose between 0.5, 0.75, 1 (normal),1.25, 1.5, 1.75 and 2x.

Navigating the editor

  1. To zoom in, zoom out, and zoom reset, click any of the 3 zoom icons at the left corner of the Audio Editor.

  2. To jump to the beginning or end, click the jump icons

  3. To go forward or backward 10 seconds, click the skip icons

If you have any other questions, just click the chat icon to the right and we'll be happy to help.

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