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Text-based Editing
Text-based Editing

You can edit your audio using a transcript in Alitu, also known as text based editing. This article shows you how to edit with text.

Updated this week

The transcription editor allows audio editing using a transcript, so you can edit your audio using the words instead of the waveform. This makes it easier and faster to cut out edits and sections you don't want. Check out our other article to edit "traditionally" in Alitu.

To edit using text you need to use the "new audio editor". You can switch between editors from your settings>>app preferences>>toggle between>>preferred audio editor.

How to edit using a transcript

1. Generate the transcript for the audio you are editing.

2. Drag the mouse over the text you want to remove and click "remove this part".

3. You can click the undo/redo icons to remove or re-do the edits.

4. Click the 'Preview' button to preview the edits made. To start over, click the 'deselect' button to remove the edit.

5. Use the search bar to easily find a specific word in your transcript.

I hope you enjoy this feature. If you have any feedback, click the 'Give Feedback' button, and your ideas will go straight to our engineering team.

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