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Using the File Library
Using the File Library

Explaines the features of your "My Library". How to upload, search, create folders add free music and record directly into your library.

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What is your "My Library"?

Your "My Library" is where you can see every audio file that you've uploaded, recorded or created (ClipGenie). You can rename the files, download them or mark them as your default music.

From the Alitu Library screen, you can:

  1. Preview or playback any of the files

  2. Edit the name of the file by clicking on the pencil

  3. See the status of the upload ie. Processing or Uploading to Alitu

  4. See the length of the file

  5. Select the type of file for filtering

  6. See the date the file was added

  7. Bookmark or pin your favourite files

  8. Download the file to your system by clicking the download icon

  9. Delete a file (if you do this it cannot be recovered)

Organising your "My Library"

You can organise your library in multiple ways.
Use the folders to oragnise your audio files to suit your workflow.

  1. Select "New Folder"

  2. Name the folder

  3. Select the audio files you want to move into that folder

You can also bookmark/pin indivudal audio files. These will appear at the top of your library. You can also bookmark a file within a folder.
To remove a bookmark hover over the bookmark icon and press remove

What are File Types?

You can organise your files by selecting the 'Types' of audio files:

  1. Music: Music files

  2. Advert: Typically audio ads or promo files that include background music with voiceover

  3. Voice Clip: Your standard audio recordings

  4. Transition: Short music snippets you can play in-between segments of your episode

  5. Teaser: The files you create specifically to tease what your episode is about

Searching and adding to your Library

You can search your file library by adding your search term to the search box. Using the filter for the audio type and the search box together makes it easy to find your files once your library starts filling up with all your episode assets.

You can also add new files to your library by uploading or recording directly in your library (as opposed to when you create a new episode)

We have a 5GB file size limit for uploads. We have a full article on recording audio directly in the library.

Using the Free Music Library

We have a number of tracks of varying lengths. You can use these for intro or outro music as well as transitional music between audio clips. The provided music is royalty-free and can be used in any of your podcast episodes as long as you're a subscriber. If you cancel your Alitu subscription, you cannot continue to use music from our music library on any new episodes you create.

  1. Access the free library by selecting "Free Music Library"

  2. Select and open up a collection

  3. Preview the music

  4. If you like any then just hit the "add" button

  5. This will be added to your library and available to use in any episodes you create.

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