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Managing your Hosting
Managing your Hosting
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Selecting your host

You can set up your preferred hosting for your podcast inside your "My Account" and "Podcast Hosting".

Click the ‘Link’ button and follow the steps and then you’re good to go!

These are the hosting providers that Alitu supports:

Why not host with Alitu?

Allow Alitu to be your one-stop shop for your podcast by activating Alitu Hosting in your "My Account" section. Click the 'Host with Alitu' button and choose your subscription plan. Remember, Alitu Hosting is free for up to 1000 downloads per month.

Note: If you are already an Alitu subscription customer and you add Alitu hosting part way through your current billing cycle then you will be instantly charged the pro-rated hosting amount up till the date of your next billing cycle.

From this point on you will be charged your normal Alitu subscription price + the Alitu hosting add-on amount on your normal billing date.

This does not apply if you are on the free tier.

You're set! Start publishing your episodes :)

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact support using the chat box below.

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