How to cancel Alitu hosting

This article shows you how to move your Alitu hosting to another hosting provider.

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Before you cancel

We’re very sorry you're canceling Alitu Hosting. We have created a simple way for you to cancel.

Before you begin this process, visit Settings >> Your Podcast Details and make sure there is no checkmark for the setting that locks your podcast feed from being transferred to another host:

Cancelling and moving to another host

1. Import your podcast to your new host using your Alitu RSS feed. This step is important to move all of your Alitu-hosted episodes to the new podcast host.

2. Visit the Distribution settings and copy your Alitu Podcast Feed URL. You will then paste this into the appropriate box in your new podcast host dashboard.

3. After you have imported your Alitu feed to your new podcast hosting account, navigate to My Account, scroll down and click 'Cancel my hosting plan'.

4. In the pop-up window that appears, choose 'Yes, cancel hosting'.

5. As part of the cancellation process we will ask you for the RSS feed for your new podcast host. Be sure to add that to create a 301 redirect from Alitu to your new host so that the directories will get notified and grab new updates from your new host moving forward.

If you don't add the 301 redirect during the cancellation process...

but still need to redirect your Alitu feed, go to Settings > Podcast Hosting and add your new RSS feed to the ‘Alitu RSS Feed Redirect’ box. Alitu hosting needs to be reactivated in order to set this up. Don't forget to hit the 'Save settings' button when you're done.

Cancel hosting (not moving to a new host)

If you're not moving to a new host, simply click 'I'll set this up later' and then Disconnect Alitu when you're ready.

You’re all set!

Refer to this help article if you wish to cancel your Alitu subscription as well.

If you need more help, please contact support using the chat box at the bottom. We’re happy to help. 🙂

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