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How do I publish my episode to Alitu hosting?
How do I publish my episode to Alitu hosting?

Learn how to publish, schedule and unpublish episodes to Alitu Hosting

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Publishing or Scheduling an Episode

When you’re done editing and processing your episode, you can schedule publication or publish your episode immediately to Alitu hosting.

Be sure you have Alitu hosting activated in your Manage Hosting section.

1. Click the PUBLISH button for the episode you want to publish:

2. From the publish page, you can choose to publish the episode immediately or schedule a future publication date:

When it’s published, your episode will immediately appear on your RSS feed, and can be seen by the directories you've submitted your podcast to. These directories usually update your listing on their platform within an hour but it can take up to 24 hours. Guides to submitting your podcast to the major directories here

Unpublishing an Episode

If you have published an episode accidentally, or need to make edits and re-publish, you can unpublish that episode and then schedule it for publication on a future date/time.

  1. Click on Details for the episode that you published:

  2. Click on 'Unpublish episode':

  3. You can then schedule the episode to publish at another date/time from the drop-down:

If you need more info or have any more questions, don’t hesitate to reach out using the chat box below. We’re happy to help!

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