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How to set up Alitu hosting for your podcast
How to set up Alitu hosting for your podcast

The steps to set up your podcast with Alitu hosting, including podcast artwork, website and your podcast description and details

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This article is not for podcasters who are migrating their podcasts to Alitu from another host. This is for podcasts that have never been hosted anywhere before.

If you are hosting with a third-party service then you will complete your podcast description etc on their site not on Alitu.

Set up Alitu hosting:

In your Alitu dashboard, navigate to Settings >> Manage Hosting and select Alitu as your podcast host:

Enter your Podcast details

Once connected with Alitu hosting, click on 'Your Podcast Details'

  1. Fill in your podcast name and podcast description. With the text editor, you can add links, bullet-pointed lists, bold, italics, etc to your Podcast Description.

  2. Upload your podcast artwork it should be a 3000 x 3000 .jpeg or .png file, no larger than 5MB.

  3. Once your artwork has been uploaded, then select up to 3 categories for your podcast, beginning with the best fit category and then expanding to other categories. We use the official Apple podcast categories to make sure your podcast will be accepted into as many podcast directories as possible.

  4. Fill in the rest of your podcast details including the language, creator's name and email, time zone, etc.

  5. Once you've finished adding your details, click 'Save settings'.

Set up your Podcast Website

If you want to use the free Alitu podcast website, visit the 'Podcast Website' settings. You will need to have completed your podcast details before doing this.

  1. Enter a subdomain for your show. This subdomain will be followed by so it will look something like this, where your actual subdomain will show in place of the word, subdomain. Click the 'Claim' button.

  2. It will take about 24 hours for your subdomain to become active, so please don't make any changes to this subdomain once you have set it or you will reset the clock.

  3. If your podcast is new and you don't have links to your Apple, Google, and Spotify pages yet, skip these for now.

  4. You can continue filling in the social media links, as well as a link to your personal website if you like, and then click 'Save settings'.

  5. Then, add your Website Footer Text which is usually your name or the name of your company, and click, 'Save settings'.

Set up Distribution

To set up distribution make sure you have published at least one episode of your podcast to your new Alitu hosting account.

You DO NOT need to set up distribution if you have moved from another host to Aliti, instead set up a 301 redirect

Navigate to the 'Distribution' section of your settings so you can start sharing your podcast with the world.

  1. You will find your Podcast RSS feed here in this section. You can easily copy the RSS feed anytime you need it.

  2. Now you can copy your Podcast RSS Feed URL and submit your podcast to both Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Clicking either button takes you directly to the website where you submit your podcast to the directories.

  3. Here is a guide on distributing your podcast to other directories

You will only use the 'Redirect Podcast RSS Feed' if you are moving your podcast AWAY from Alitu. Otherwise, you can ignore this setting.

That's it! You have successfully set up your podcast hosting here at Alitu.

After you hear back from Apple and Spotify, you can return to the Podcast Website Settings page to add direct links to your podcast on those directories.

We have lots of great articles on managing your Hosting with Alitu on our help desk. You can check these tutorials if you need any help, or just reach out to the support team using the chat button in the lower right corner of this screen.

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