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Quick Start Editing Guide
Quick Start Editing Guide

Overview of editing and the features available inside the editor: text based editing, removal of uhms and ahhs and waveform editing

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Inside the Alitu editor there are a number of features that help you edit your audio with ease:

  • Waveform Editing

  • Text-based editing

  • Removal of uhms and ahhs (Magic Filters)

  • Silence removal (Magic Filters)

  • Splitting a file

Below is our full video guide to editing in Alitu.

Waveform Editing

This is the more traditional way of editing your audio in Alitu and was the original way to edit in Alitu before we expanded our editing features.
You edit using a simple click and drag motion to make an edit and then select "Cut This Out".


Text-based Editing

This is a more recent feature, this allows you to make edits using a transcript. To use the text based editing, toggle on the audio transcript and allow the transcript to be generated. Then use a click and drag motion to highlight the text you want to edit and select "Cut This Out".

You will see a corresponding edit in the waveform also.

Magic Filters

This is a great time saving feature of the Alitu Editor.

It will remove unwanted silences and also remove fillers words such as ahs and ums.

To use the feature, select the magic filters button from the top left of the editor toolbar, toggle on what filters you want to apply to your audio, press "apply filters".

This will create an edit in your audio which you can then fully control by adjusting, removing and previewing.
You can also easily remove the Magic Filters if they are not needed for your audio. You do this by toggling the filters off inside the "Filters" button

Splitting a File

The ability yo split a file is extremley handy to have as you may need to split your audio file up to be able to insert something like an advert in your podcast.

To split a file, select on your audio where you want to split, choose the "split" button from the top left of the editor toolbar, give your split files appropriate names and press split.
This will split that one file into two new files inside your episode.
Any previous edits remain intact.

We have more detailed articles available on all the ways you can edit in Alitu.

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