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Recording frequently asked questions (FAQ's)
Recording frequently asked questions (FAQ's)

Here are some frequently-asked questions about recording in Alitu

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Here are some frequently asked questions about recording in Alitu.

Can I record on a mobile device?

Unfortunately, we don't support mobile recording at this time. Right now, both parties should be on a computer to use the Alitu recording features.

Does the call recorder record each voice separately?

No, all sides of the conversation will be in one track in the file in your library.

Is there a particular browser we should use while recording?

The call recorder has been optimized to work with Chrome for the best results.

Is there a time limit on recording solo or with guests?

There is no limit on the length of the calls you can record as long as you stay within the 10-hour recording per month fair use policy.

Can you invite guests to record in advance?

Yes, visit the "Record" section of your dashboard and copy your unique studio link. Then when you're ready, you can start the session and record with your guest.

How many people can you have on the call at the same time?

You can have up to 9 guests with you, for a total of 10 people on the call at the same time.

Does the link change for each call?

No, your studio link is unique to you and therefore does not change and will work for all your recording sessions. This makes it easy if you're using a scheduling tool to share the recording link.

Where in Alitu do I record with guests?

The record button in the left-hand navigation will take you to your "recording studio".

Do I need to stay on the browser page when I am recording in my "studio"?

Yes, clicking away from the recording tab will end your call recording session. So, if you click on the Library icon in the left navigation, your call will end.

Does my Alitu subscription include unlimited recording?

Your recording is unlimited but you should check out our Terms and Conditions for what we deem as fair use as this applies to recording.

Can I use multiple microphones when using Alitu?

Yes, you may want to do this if you are recording with multiple people in the same space. You will need to ensure you have the proper setup and settings selected on your hardware, computer, and Alitu.

Can you merge recordings in Alitu?

Yes, you can combine "merge" two or more files in Alitu. You can do this when at the point of uploading your audio files. All the files need to be exactly the same length to do this successfully.

Microphone is Attached but Alitu Doesn’t See it

If you have granted microphone permission to Alitu but are still having issues it may be because of further settings on your laptop and operating system.

For more details, you can check out our dedicated article "Microphone attached but Alitu doesn't see it".

Do you have tips for using headphones in Alitu?


  • Headphones are preferred over Speakers because they prevent Echo & Volume Ducking, recording higher-quality audio.

  • Wired headphones are preferred over Bluetooth because they have zero latency & will not disconnect or die from battery loss.

Do you have tips for using a microphone in Alitu?


  • Place your microphone roughly a fist distance from your mouth

  • Speak across the top of the microphone

  • Consider including a pop filter or foam windscreen to reduce plosives

Does Alitu record locally

At this time, our call recorder records directly to the cloud. We are working on the ability to record locally in the browser and have the cloud as a backup.

Does Alitu allow video recording?

Not at this time but you can enable the video feed so you and your guests can see each other. Under the settings or video button, you can choose to enable or disable your video.

Please let us know what other questions you have. And as always, we're just a chat away if you have any other questions.

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