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Best Practices for Using the Recording Studio
Best Practices for Using the Recording Studio

Hints and tips on using the Recording Studio for the remote recording of audio with guests and co-hosts.

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Here are some best practices for recording successful podcast sessions with the Alitu Recording Studio

  1. Start with a sample recording of ~1 minute & playback to hear the sound quality (important)

  2. Encourage everyone to wear wired headphones

  3. Close any unnecessary programs and apps on your computer during the call.

  4. You and your guests should use a desktop computer or laptop for the best experience.

  5. If possible, the host and guest(s) should hardwire into their router. This is to ensure the best possible internet connection.

  6. If possible, schedule your call when there won't be other demands on your internet connection, for example someone playing on a game console or streaming television.

  7. Ask your guests to run an internet speed test,, we recommend you to have at least 5 Mbps upload and download.

  8. If possible, you and your guest(s) should avoid using built-in microphones on your devices as these pick up room noise and can cause echoes as well as other audio issues.

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