Q: What is Alitu Hosting?

A: Alitu hosting will give a home to your podcast. It will provide an RSS feed to submit your show to any directory and let anybody access your show.

Q: How do I get access to hosting?

A: Our hosting is currently in Beta mode but you can apply as a beta tester by reaching out to Alitu Support team. Please be sure you already have an account with Alitu. If not, you can sign up here https://app.alitu.com/signup

Q: Where can I find support articles and tutorials?

A: You can access the documentation in the community. Here’s the link https://podcraft.thepodcasthost.com/c/documentation/. Be sure to sign-up using your Alitu email

Q: How many podcasts can I host in Alitu?

A: Only one podcast per account at the moment.

Q: Do you provide stats for my podcast?

A: Our stats feature is currently being built and will be available soon, but in the meantime, you can connect to sites like Chartable with our “Stats URL”.

Q: Can I import my podcast from another host to Alitu?

A: Yes, just enter your RSS feed on the Settings page and we will do the rest.

Q: Do you help with distribution to any popular directories?

Yes, we help you connect to Apple Podcasts and Spotify, right from your settings page. More coming soon.

Q: How long does it take for directories to review my podcast?

A: It can take from a day up to 10 days for directories to review your podcast due to high demand or manual process on some directories.

Q: How do I know if my podcast was approved?

A: Some directories send emails. If not, you can search for your podcast on the listening apps or check your directory dashboard.

Q: Do you have a player embed option?

A: Not at the moment but this tool is under development.

Q: Why won’t my podcast artwork upload?

A: Please make sure your artwork has the following specifications:

  • square


  • Minimum dimension of 1400 px

  • Maximum dimension of 3000 px

Q: Do you allow team access?

A. No but you can upvote this feature request.

Q: Do you offer transcription services?

A: This feature is still under development.

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