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Moving your podcast hosting to Alitu
Moving your podcast hosting to Alitu

Guidance on how to migrate your podcast from its current host to Alitu. Including importing your feed and setting up the 301 redirect.

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This article is for podcasters who have hosted elsewhere and want to move their hosting to Alitu.

If you are setting up hosting for the first time please see the article "How to set up your podcast hosting"

Before you start

Moving to a new podcast host involves several steps that must be done in order, to have the smoothest possible migration.

  1. Enable Alitu hosting and add details

  2. Then you'll import your episodes from your current host

  3. Once you're certain all of your episodes are here at Alitu, then redirect your feed to Alitu.

  4. What Next?

Step 1: Enable Alitu Hosting

1. In your Alitu dashboard, navigate to Settings >> Podcast Hosting and be sure that you have selected Alitu as your podcast host:

2. Once connected with Alitu hosting, click on 'Your Podcast Details'

  • Fill in your podcast name and description. Then upload your podcast artwork.

  • Once your artwork has been uploaded, then select up to 3 categories for your podcast, beginning with the most important category.

  • Fill in the rest of your podcast details including the language, creator's name and email, time zone, etc.

  • Once you've finished adding your details, click 'Save settings

    If you want to use the free Alitu podcast website, visit the 'Podcast Website' settings. You can do this at a later stage if you prefer.

3. If you want to use the free Alitu podcast website, visit the 'Podcast Website' settings. You can do this at a later stage if you prefer.

Step 2: Importing your episodes from your current host

**IMPORTANT** Do not skip this step even if you created your episodes here in Alitu. The published episodes must be imported from your current host to Alitu.

Some hosts limit the number of episodes in your feed, please ensure your host does not do this as it will mean not all of your episodes will import.

  1. Navigate to the 'Import Podcast' tab

  2. Add the RSS Feed URL into the box and click 'Import to Alitu'. Depending on the size of your RSS feed, this could take a little while, so please only click the import button once.

  3. If you have any trouble, we have an article on troubleshooting your RSS Feed import, or get in touch with our customer success team to resolve the issue.

Step 3: Distribution and 301 Redirect

  1. Navigate to the 'Distribution' section of your settings

  2. NOTE: You will find your Podcast RSS feed in this section. You can easily copy the RSS feed anytime you need it.

  3. NOTE: Please visit your Alitu RSS feed to confirm that all your podcast episodes have been imported

  4. Once you've confirmed that all of your podcast episodes are in your Alitu hosting account, click the button to copy your Alitu RSS Feed and visit the dashboard of your current podcast host so you can redirect your feed to Alitu

    • Redirecting your feed acts as a change-of-address and notifies the directories that your new podcast episodes will come from Alitu instead of your previous host.

    • Note: If your podcast has already been submitted to Apple Podcasts and Spotify DO NOT click the buttons to submit them. These buttons are for first-time submissions only.

    • Note: You will only use the 'Redirect Podcast RSS Feed' if you are moving your podcast AWAY from Alitu. Otherwise, you can ignore this setting.

Step 4: What next

Before you cancel your previous podcast hosting account, please download your final analytics reports as analytics don't transfer from host to host.

Also, we recommend that you wait two weeks for the podcast redirect to notify all podcast directories that your show has moved before cancelling your previous hosting account

If you have followed the above steps then you should have successfully migrated your podcast from your previous host to Alitu.

We have lots of great articles on managing your Hosting with Alitu on our help desk. You can check these tutorials if you need any help, or just reach out to the support team using the chat button in the lower right corner of this screen.

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