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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

This articles will answer some of those most asked questions when you are first getting started with podcasting and Alitu

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Can I edit music in Alitu?

Yes, you can. You can edit music as normal in episode builder or use Clip Genie if you are creating a clip with audio that has background music behind it. For more info see the articles below.

It can be difficult to edit music clips as it can result in the music sounding, stuttery, jumpy, and out of time.

How can I add background music?

You can use the clip genie feature to place background music behind your voice audio.

Can I record a video in Alitu?

At this point, Alitu does not record video. If this is something you would like you can vote for the feature here. We look at this list to determine what features are most important to our customers.

However there is a video feed in the studio so that you can see aswell as hear your guests when conducting a recording with remote guests.

Can you record in Alitu?

Yes! Alitu allows you to record directly inside Alitu, whether that be solo recording or recording with guests (remotely and in person). For more information check out these articles "Solo recording" & "Recording with guests".

How does Alitu improve my audio?

  1. File conversions: we can take just about any audio format possible, and turn it into podcast-compatible files.

  2. Volume leveling: evening out the volume throughout your whole show, between multiple speakers, for easy listening.

  3. Standard noise reduction: automatically removing regular background noise, like fans, air conditioning, hiss, etc.

  4. Hum reduction: removing the hum commonly caused by power lines or other electrical interference.

  5. Voice enhancement (Auto EQ): Optimizes the frequency spectrum of a voice recording, improves clarity and resonance, removes sibilance, and creates warm and pleasant audio.

  6. Background noise +: This is a more advanced version of our noise reduction and will work much better with fast-changing and complex noises such as intermittent sounds like dog barks, phone beeps, or passing traffic.

    Warning: it can also remove wanted sounds, like music. If this is switched off, we still run standard noise reduction, which reduces regular noise like air conditioning or background hiss

Can I control the Audio Processing

Most of the audio processing is automated and there is no ability to control it. However, you do have the choice of turning off the Voice enhancement and/or the Background noise+ in your settings/app preferences.

Do I have any recording or upload limits?

No, your Alitu subscription is unlimited in terms of recording and uploading audio. For more information, you can view our article on "Alitu Use".

How many podcasts can I edit?

Alitu is designed to edit one podcast per account. However, if you have 2 podcasts and want to edit both with Alitu, you can do that. Once you've finished editing an episode for the 2nd podcast, you'll simply need to download the completed file from Alitu and then upload it directly to your podcast host. 😁

Can you use Alitu on a mobile device?

No, Alitu is not optimized to be used on a mobile device (smartphone/tablet, etc). For best performance and user experience please use a laptop or desktop computer.

What is the best audio format to use?

A wav. file is a high-quality file format, so use this format where you can.

At the moment we allow you to upload the following formats:
m4a, .mp3, .flac, .mp4, .wav, .ogg, .aiff, .aif, .acc, .aac, .pcm, .wma, .alac, .mp4, .avi, .mov, .flv, .wmv, .mkv, .webm, .mka

Do you do the editing for me?

The editing we do automatically is joining all the files together, and adding your music. So, if you upload 3 recordings (for example, a spoken intro, an interview, and a listener recording) we’ll edit them all together for you, and put your theme music at the start and end.

The editing you’ll do yourself with Alitu’s editing tool removes editing mistakes, coughs, silences, etc. Our custom podcast editor tool makes it super-easy to do this, right inside Alitu. Using that, you can highlight parts you want to remove in your recording and we’ll remove them for you. How to Edit Your Recordings in Alitu

We also offer a text-based editing tool that lets you edit your audio using your transcript. You can read more about it here.

Can I suggest new features?

Absolutely! We love to hear from our users and often incorporate those requests into future releases.

You can tell us what features you would like on our Alitu Features page.

Submitting your idea here lets other users vote on it, too. The more votes an idea receives, the better!

Does Alitu work offline?

No. You need an internet connection to be able to use the features in Alitu as we are a cloud-based software.

Can I create an Audiogram in Alitu?

At present this is not a feature we have in Alitu, however, if it is something you would like us to create and implement then please vote for it in our features request page

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