Alitu is very simple to use and you will likely establish a workflow that's perfect for you once you've worked with it a bit. This is just a starting point for thinking about putting your podcast episode together. Let's think about creating your episode in terms of the flow of the podcast timeline.

Here is a full overview of the process:

The Intro

You can add music anywhere in your episode, but many podcasters will add intro music at the beginning of their episode.

The Episode File(s)

This is where you will upload your episode audio into Alitu. If you have more than one file you can merge them when you upload as long as they are the exact same length. When you upload your audio, Alitu processes it for optimum sound and adds the newly-polished audio to your episode editor and library.

Editing the Main Episode

In the Episode Builder correct any mistakes, take out portions you don't want and edit your podcast with the easy-to-use tools.

The Outro

You can easily add outro music to the end of your podcast episode.

Publishing the Episode

Publishing the episode creates a file that is ready to be shared with your audience. If you listen to the 'final' version and want to make any changes you can go back and edit again, then re-process the episode.

At the publishing stage you can decide whether to publish directly to your podcast host, download the audio file or create a video version of your episode. Or you can do all three!

Please reach out using the chat box at the bottom of this page if you have any questions about using Alitu. We're happy to help!

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